CEPS research programme on Institutions aims to provide sound analysis of the main institutional and political challenges facing the EU and to promote public debate on how best to address them.

The unit has produced compelling publications on the reform of the EU institutions, the elections to the European Parliament, the composition of key committees in the 8th EP, EU economic governance, the role of national parliaments, the rotating Presidencies of the Council and the UK’s future in Europe.

EU reform will continue to rank at the top on the unit’s research agenda over the coming years, in our efforts to actively contribute to the current discussions on the review of the Interinstitutional Agreement on better law-making and the revision of the treaties.

The Institutions programme is also responsible for the coordination of the European Policy Institutes Network (EPIN), which brings together 41 think tanks and policy institutes working on EU affairs from 27 European countries. EPIN’s main mission is to promote debate and to deepen our knowledge on EU affairs and the future of Europe across the continent, and contribute to a better understanding of the national debates.

EPIN Projects

   Post-election political landscape in Europe

The British question, European reform and the search for a fresh European narrative

2014 European Parliament Elections