Task Forces

  • The revised EU Emissions Trading Scheme foresees auctioning of allowances as the default option.  However, Article 10a of the Directive allows for transitional free allocation, based on Community-wide ex-ante benchmarks (if feasible) based on a number of objectives, essentially related to providing incentives for GHG reductions and the use of energy efficient techniques.

  • CEPS Task Force Report:
    Corporate Taxation and the European Company Statute
    Author: Emrah Arbak, CEPS  

  • CEPS Task Force Report:
    Global Sectoral Industry Approaches to Climate Change: The Way Forward
    Authors: Christian Egenhofer & Noriko Fujiwara

  • Main Findings of the Task Force

    Ulrika Raab, Senior Advisor, Swedish Energy Agency and Member of the CDM Executive Board

    Christian Egenhofer, Senior Research Fellow
    Noriko Fujiwara, Research Fellow, CEPS

    1st meeting: 2 Oct 2007
    2nd meeting: 15 Nov 2007
    3rd meeting: 20 Feb 2008
    4th meeting: 5 Sept 2008


  • CEPS Task Force Report: 
    Concrete Steps towards More Integrated Financial Oversight: The EU’s Policy Response to the Crisis
    Author: Karel Lannoo

    The financial crisis exposed dangerous weaknesses in the regulatory and oversight structure that need to be urgently corrected to restore confidence in the financial system and to keep the single market alive. Towards this end, this CEPS Task Force report puts forward three main policy recommendations to the EU:

  • The application of Article 82 of the EU Treaty to exclusionary abuses is currently subject to an in-depth review following the publication of a Discussion Paper drafted by a group of economists for the European Commission in December 2005.

  • CEPS Task Force Report: 
    Achieving the Internal Market for e-communications
    Author: Andrea Renda, CEPS Senior Fellow 

  • CEPS Task Force Report:
    Making the most of the G8+5 Climate Change Process: Accelerating Structural Change and Technology Diffusion on a Global Scale
    Authors: Noriko Fujiwara, CEPS Fellow & Christian Egenhofer, CEPS Senior Fellow 

  • Completed task forces

    CEPS Task Force Report:
    Energy Policy for Europe: Identifying the European Added-Value
    Authors: Arno Behrens and Christian Egenhofer (CEPS, Rapporteurs)

  • CEPS Task Force Report:
    Pouring old wine in new skins? UCITS & Asset Management after MiFID
    Authors: Karel Lannoo (CEO, CEPS) & Jean-Pierre Casey (Associate Fellow, CEPS)