Task Forces

  • Since the formation of the euro area, the integration of both wholesale and retail financial markets has been a European priority. Indeed, if the elimination of currency barriers has brought markets together, it has also drawn attention to the opportunity costs of fragmentation.

  • CEPS Task Force Report:
    Reviewing the EU Emissions Trading Scheme: Priorities for Short-Term Implementation of the Second Round of Allocation (Part I + II)
    Authors: Christian Egenhofer & Noriko Fujiwara

    After taking stock of the EU ETS, the report examines the need and potential for short-term adaptation of the second round of allocation and makes concrete and operational recommendations to EU member states and the European Commission.

    Date Published: 1 Dec 2005 (part1); 1 March 2006 (part2)

    Pages: 43 (part 1); 44 (part 2) 

  • CEPS Task Force Report:
    The EU Budget: The UK Rebate and the CAP – Phasing them both out?
    Author: Jorge Núñez Ferrer

  • CEPS Task Force Report:
    Shaping the Global Arena: Preparing the EU Emissions Trading Scheme for the post-2012 Period
    Authors: Christian Egenhofer & Noriko Fujiwara 

  • CEPS Task Force Report:
    Last call for Lisbon? Suggestions for the Future Regulation of E-Communications in Europe
    Author: Andrea Renda

  • CEPS Task Force Report:
    Market Stimulation of Renewable Electricity in the EU: What degree of harmonisation of support mechanisms is required?
    Authors: Jaap C. Jansen, Kyriakos Gialoglou and Christian Egenhofer

  • CEPS Task Force Report:
    Towards a Global Climate Regime: Priority Areas for a Coherent EU Strategy
    Authors: Christian Egenhofer & Louise van Schaik

  • Last September, following developing countries rejections of proposals at Cancún Mexico, the Doha Development Round of WTO negotiations looked to be in serious danger of failing. Nevertheless, despite much initial recrimination and the difficult political timing of 2004, there followed an intense programme of international shuttle diplomacy, and the recent resumption of talks at the WTO in Geneva.

  • Completed without final report. Prospectus

    Paul Arlman, Secretary General Federation of European Securities Exchanges (FESE)
    Joe McCahery, University of Tilburg and Arman Khachaturyan, Visiting Fellow, CEPS
    1st meeting: 17 Jun 2004
    2nd meeting: 30 Sept 2004
    3rd meeting: 22 Feb 2005
    4th meeting: 20 Apr 2005

  • CEPS Task Force Report:
    EU Financial Regulation and Supervision beyond 2005
    Authors: Karel Lannoo (CEPS CEO) & Jean-Pierre Casey