Task Forces

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    CEPS Task Force Report:
    The Future of the WTO and the New Trade Round
    Author: Paul Brenton

  • CEPS Task Force Report:
    A European Bargain: Investing in CEEC Health
    Author: Wolfgang Hager

    Focusing on the process of transition in Central and Eastern Europe, this report looks at health as an issue of enlargement from an economic perspective. The report argues that health is of strategic importance for the success of enlargement and is directly relevant to the future economic development of the candidate countries and to the social and financial sustainability of that development.

    Date Published: 1 September 2001
    Pages: 30

  • Completed task forces
  • CEPS Task Force Report:
    Regulating E-Commerce in Financial Services
    Author: Nuria Diez Guardia

    The purpose of this report is to identify the possible implications of e-commerce in financial services and associated risks for the financial sector industry. The report provides an overview of regulatory initiatives at the European level and identifies main public policy issues. In particular, the report focuses on retail financial services, an area that is often problematic. A series of policy recommendations is outlined.

  • Chair:
    Charles Goldfinger, CEO, Global Electronic Finance

    Matthias Levin, former CEPS Fellow

  • CEPS Task Force Report:
    Greenhouse Gas Emissions Trading in Europe
    Authors: Christian Egenhofer & Thomas Legge

  • Completed task forces